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Dear Sir/Madam Naudanda  / 13.04.2014/31.12.2070 (Nepali-Zeit)

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First of all, I would like to welcome you all in Morningstar HSS. It's my immense pleasure to share something about myself to you. It is a great opportunity for me.
I started my schooling life in 1993 from MSHSS. Then in 2004 April I gave SLC exam. During this period I got many help and suggestions from the teachers and school family to do good in my life. After SLC exam I remained busy preparing for the entrance exam for class eleven in good college. My results were out in June 2004.I passed with Distinction division. I gave entrance in three 10+2s of Pokhara .My name was published in two 10+2s and I got admission in Gandaki Higher Secondary Boarding School. My 10+2 began in June 2004 and ended in June 2006.During this period also I got many experiences in study and extra activities as well .

There were students from all over the country.Gandaki Higher Secondary Boarding School is one of the top 10+2 in Nepal. I passed 10+2 in Distinction division. After class 12 I came to Kathmandu in order to take the preparation classes for MBBS entrance. I had tried my best to get admission in the medical college but every time I was not selected by 1/2 marks. My preparation went until Sept. 2007.Then I returned Pokhara to do B Sc.I got admission in Prithvi Narayan Multiple Campus for B.Sc. in Physics. I got admitted in Oct 2007 and after 3 years in Sept 2010 I finished it. When I was in B.Sc. second year I got an opportunity to participate in a seminar on Astronomy and Astrophysics in Kahtmandu organized by Nepal Government Ministry of Science and Technology. It took nearly 6 months for the result to be out. In this period I joined MSHSBS and took some experience in teaching (Nov.2010-April 2011).I passed B.Sc. in First division. Then for 2 months I prepared for M.Sc. entrance exam and I was successful to get admission in Central Department of Physics Tribhuvan University, the top college in physics in the country. M.Sc.started in July 2011 and in 2014 April my graduation in Physics is finished. In M.Sc. first year I got first division and I am waiting for the second year result. Until the result is out I am planning to give GRE (Graduate Record Exam) and TOEFL to apply for the post graduate study abroad.GRE and TOEFL are essential for post gradute study and for scholarship.
The support and encouragement given by Sir Jorg Overlack and his group in my studies is the main thing I have to remember always. The next thing is that I have to prove that the investment done by the people of Rastatt have helped the students in Nepal to acquire knowledge and degree and able to live their lives easy standing on their feet. I am very thankful to the school family for the continuous encouragement in my study from my school level to Master level. The Principal, Phanindra Prasad Adhikari ,Khemraj Adhikari and all the other teachers have given me continuous support in every aspect. I am pleased of them always.
Your visit to MSHSS is a very remarkable event to the school. The school family is very happy to have you all here.
Thank you all for being the part of the school family. At this time I also want to remember the August Realschule family and the Kiwanis Club. Their support to the school has become equally important for the talent students of the village area. I would like to thank them as well.
Wish you a good time in the school and Nepal.


Shiva Bhandari

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